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Hello! I’m Lucy, co-founder of Who Loves Me? (with my husband Dom) – we make and sell personalised flash cards for babies and young children to help them recognise family members and show them who loves them, a business we founded soon after the birth of our first son. I am not naturally an early riser, so was extremely grateful that nor was my first son – I don’t mean to brag but he could happily sleep in till 9am every morning (his record lie in was till 11am!!). We enjoyed this for nearly two years before my second son joined us. My older son now wakes up early all excited about seeing his baby brother and goes into his bedroom shouting “Hello Baby” – which is what wakes me up. I have to say it’s not a bad way to be woken! The three of us usually play in one of the boys bedrooms for a little while – the boys play with toys and each other, while I check email and twitter for Who Loves Me? to get off to a good start for the day.

I am currently on maternity leave from my day job, so after breakfast we usually have a play date or a class (football for one of them, music for the other) – depending on whether I have both boys or just one (the older one is in nursery two days a week). We always try and get back for lunch around 12 because the baby sleeps so much better in his cot than in his buggy, but we have the occasional lunch out as a little treat. After lunch the baby always sleeps for a couple of hours, so I usually do some cooking, washing or tidying with the older son (he makes a mean chocolate crispy cake, he thinks filling and emptying the washing machine is a game and he definitely has his daddy’s immaculate tidy genes rather than mine) and do some more work on Who Loves Me? while he ‘reads’ his books or does some painting. He no longer has a lunchtime sleep himself but he always enjoys a bit of quiet time thankfully! Although, I won’t lie, it is always easier to get these things done when he’s at nursery!

Depending when the baby wakes we head off for a walk to the shops or to the park, or a play at home with just the three of us until dinner time at 5pm, swiftly followed by bathtime, a bit of Cbeebies and bed at 7pm. Which is when my working day starts! I usually work till 10 or 11pm, interspersed with dinner time and the chores I didn’t get done during the day, before heading to bed. I’m currently trying to get into bed before midnight – easier said than done when you’re trying to squeeze a lot in to an evening! Ahhhh, this might be the reason I’m not naturally an early riser….

Lucy Morley
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