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Being the owner of a growing party plan company, Ice Jewellery and having 2 boys aged 4 and nearly 6 is a more than enough to cope with on an average day. Just so I don’t get bored (ha, ha) I also run a networking site for Direct Sellers with almost 700 members.

My day normally begins at 6.30am with the run of the mill things that you do when you have a young family, breakfast, get the boys dressed, me showered, load everyone into the car and head off to school.
By 9.15am the boys are dropped off at school and I’m normally walking into the office to meet my husband (unless I’ve been nabbed by the parents association to help with a school event, which does happen most mornings.)

My first couple of hours are spent trying to clear out the email ‘inbox’, a job that never seems to end throughout the day. Calls come in all day from consultants, agents, customers and people generally enquiring about becoming a consultant, wanting to booking a party or annoyingly trying to sell me something!

Orders come in overnight and all day, so these have to be picked, packed and checked by our team of people but if it’s particularly busy we all have to muck in to get things out on time.  Next a daily stock check needs to be done so we don’t run out of products/packaging/display/stationery and general supplies. I’m responsible for ordering and chasing suppliers, processing back orders & returns and getting everything tied up ready for our Courier pick up and the Post Office ‘run’ all by 2.30pm.

Lunch is something that normally comes and goes without thought on an average day!
Consultant support calls take up at least an hour out of everyday as it’s important that I know how they are doing, I like to see if I can add something to their day. Accounts and daily figures have to be collated. I normally get to this in the late afternoon.

Somewhere in my day I have to help source good advertising avenues and events to attend to promote ICE. Brainstorming ideas with other members of our team, meetings with designers, website maintenance, updating literature, sourcing new lines, proofing photos and general day to day business ‘stuff’ takes up most of my afternoon. If I promise to call you I will eventually!

By 3.45pm its time to get the boys from school, hubby normally has this honour so I can get home to get the Dinner on. A kitchen tidy from the morning is needed first then Dinner making.

After Dinner, homework, quiet time, bath and story its bedtime for the boys. The evening is then open to a choice of catching up on Twitter/Facebook, out partying, training or hosting a meeting with ICE, or trying to find something decent to watch for a little bit of hubby time.

Roll into bed after 11.30pm (on a good day) with head still buzzing with new ideas for tomorrow’s day at the office and wondering why I don’t have a cleaner!

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