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I’m Jo, I’m a busy mum of 2 girls (10 & 11), owner of 2 Springer Spaniels (1 & 2), wife, brownie leader, netball player and school PTA secretary. Oh….and I own Seeking Serenity a Virtual Assistant company and Shine Business Mums a networking group for mums!

Not one day is the same, today is Tuesday and not the greatest start to the day…we overslept (not by a long time, but 7.20am is late enough!) and we only woke up because of the bin lorry outside!

The first thing that I have to do is wake the children up, let the dogs out and put the kettle on (I can’t start my day without tea!) So this morning, I run down stairs let the dogs out of their bedroom and let them wake up the children (and my husband!), put the kettle on and start making breakfast and lunches (now, this is something that is normally done the night before – but last night was a PTA meeting and I got home late!)

Once the morning rush is over, the children (and dogs!) are walked to school my working day can begin.

With Seeking Serenity, not one day is the same, which is great and I love it.

On top of client work, this week’s challenge is to finish building the new website for Shine Business Mums and to improve my Google positioning for my Virtual Assistant company. This is taking a lot of my allocated marketing time, but I’m determined to achieve this myself!

Midday arrives, and this marks 1 hour of cleaning for me, I have a list (I always have lots of lists!)

At the end of the hour, another cup of tea, some lunch and back to the PC.
This afternoon, I’m writing blog posts for my own blog and adding finishing touches to a website I’m building for a customer.

Three o clock marks the end of my working day (sort of!) its time to walk the dogs and pick up the children from school.
I then get to help with homework and cook tea.

My evenings are spent on the iPad – keeping on top of emails!

I create my to do list for the next day, and curl up in bed with my husband…and normally my dogs (for a little while) and enjoy some TV.

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