A Day in the life of Tykes Tights

Tykes Tights hasn’t officially launched yet but my daily to-do list is longer than my arm.  As a teacher, I am used to working long into the evening, planning, marking and assessing.  When I left last month, I was ready to enjoy the summer holidays and take a bit of time out.  Ha!

Tom, my inspiration, is 16 months old and into everything.  He is the reason for Tykes Tights.

Before teaching, I spent a year in Germany as an au pair.  It was completely normal to see boys in tights.  I believe the same is true for most mainland European countries.  It became the norm to me.  Last winter, I found that I could not get hold of tights specifically for boys and I was not alone.  The parenting forums were full of mums wondering where they could buy them.  During a walk to the park, sledge in hand, Tykes Tights was conceived.

We are now just around the corner from the launch and I have hit panic mode.  I know there are lots of mums out there waiting to buy our tights, I have even had enquiries about pre-orders.  My biggest stress has been co-ordinating with manufacturers in other countries, my bank and couriers.  Teething trouble just doesn’t cover it!  At the moment, my daily routine revolves around emails, phone calls and a toddler who is determined to hit the terrible two’s right now!  The worst thing, I have found, is that a lot of my work is done after Tom is in bed.  For me, this is the worst possible as I find it difficult to switch off at night and have spent many a night mulling over ideas or fuming at the bank!

I am loving seeing my idea grown into a real life business and seeing other mums getting excited about my products.  I can’t wait to get started.  Time to bring warm legs to the masses!

Emma Russel from Tykes Tights good luck with your new venture which launches in September.  Check out her website www.tykestights.co.uk, Facebook Fanpage and their  Tykes Tights Blog

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