Day in the Life of … Tykes Tights Update

We profiled Tykes Tights back in September before they launched now fully underway see how things are going!

Tykes Tights is now 3 weeks old, and life with this newborn has been up and down. As a teacher, I am used to working long into the evening, planning, marking and assessing. When I left in July, I was ready to enjoy the summer holidays and take a bit of time out. Ha!

Tom, my inspiration, is 17 months old and into everything. He is the reason for Tykes Tights. Before teaching, I spent a year in Germany as an au pair. It was completely normal to see boys in tights. I believe the same is true for most mainland European countries. It became the norm to me. Last winter, I found that I could not get hold of tights specifically for boys and I was not alone. The parenting forums were full of mums wondering where they could buy them. During a walk to the park, sledge in hand, Tykes Tights was conceived.

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A Day in the life of Tykes Tights

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