Day in the Life of … Tykes Tights Update

We profiled Tykes Tights back in September before they launched now fully underway see how things are going!

Tykes Tights is now 3 weeks old, and life with this newborn has been up and down. As a teacher, I am used to working long into the evening, planning, marking and assessing. When I left in July, I was ready to enjoy the summer holidays and take a bit of time out. Ha!

Tom, my inspiration, is 17 months old and into everything. He is the reason for Tykes Tights. Before teaching, I spent a year in Germany as an au pair. It was completely normal to see boys in tights. I believe the same is true for most mainland European countries. It became the norm to me. Last winter, I found that I could not get hold of tights specifically for boys and I was not alone. The parenting forums were full of mums wondering where they could buy them. During a walk to the park, sledge in hand, Tykes Tights was conceived.

As I said, we are now 3 weeks in and life has changed completely. My mornings are spent with Toddler Tyke. That is our time together to do some fun stuff. He is good enough to let me catch up on emails, orders and social networking for 10 minutes while I drink my morning cup of tea though! I am very lucky that my son is a creature of habit. He will sleep from 1pm til 3pm. This is my work time. The time I catch up on orders, update the website, emails etc. This is usually followed when Toddler wakes, by a walk to the post office to post our parcels. Once tea, bath and bed are out of the way, it’s time to hit the laptop again.

I always said that I am a mummy first and Mrs Tykes Tights second. After only 3 weeks, I am beginning to wonder whether I have the balance right. Some days it really doesn’t feel like it. I know that you only get out of your business what you are willing to put in, but surely the same is true of your child. I hope I am getting the balance right.

We did our first babyshow this week. It was great to get some really positive feedback and meet people who love our tights. I can’t wait to do the next one. I am loving seeing my idea grown into a real life business and seeing other mums getting excited about my products.

Please pop in to our website and give this newborn a tickle under the chin. It would be lovely to meet you.

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