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In February 2008 my first daughter was born. I wanted something totally different for her birth announcements and for her Baptism invites to the normal invitations and so I created my own Photocard design. Everyone loved them, had never seen them before and said they were fabulous. Unfortunately I never really did anything with it as I was a first time mum and I had to return back to my day job when Alexandra was only 10 weeks old. I did put my daughter’s thank you photocard from her Christening on eBay and sold quite a few on there. Christmas 2008 I decided to make photo Christmas cards for the family, and decided to put them on eBay to see how they went, again they sold really well as they were a totally unique product in the market. Once I again I didn’t really do a lot with them, even when my second daughter, Bethany was born in September 2009, I designed them for personal use only.

In June 2010 I set up my facebook page Robinson Designs and set up my website www.robinsondesigns.co.uk It’s quite funny really, I swore I would never use twitter and here I am now using it daily, but I find it quite a valuable tool, and have made so many lovely friends and lots of lovely ladies and people who work from home with wonderful ideas and products. Facebook currently has 285 fans and Twitter has 286 fans. I work part-time 3 days a week so on my 2 days off when the kids are napping I get on with my work for Robinson Designs, or I will work on an evening or the weekend.

My typical day runs something like this; 5.30am wake up for boot camp while the girls and hubby sleep, get back at 7am and wake up the crew, and all of us get ready. The girls are either at my mum’s (Monday and Tuesday) or nursery on a Friday. I drop them off and go to work for 10am or I get there at 9am on a Friday, and do my work, with a break here and there for a twitter update.

Lunch time I use my time to spend on the designs of a photocard, run to the post office or carry on with my website design (as the website isn’t 100% finished), and also updating facebook and twitter with a little social networking, which I think is important.

Its then time to pick up the girls, walk the dogs when we get in, get the girls ready for bed and get our tea sorted, I then go out to Zumba or netball, and come back in and do some work, either on photocards or some website work I have on the go. I try and use the weekend as family time as I feel that is important for us all, so I will work on the girls nap time or on the evening, but it’s also important hubby and I spend some time together so we make sure Friday night is our night and have a film night.

I also use some of my time on a Wed and a Thur when I am off work to do some photocard work or website work, but I have my girls to look after and like to get out to mums and tots and other groups with them so I get a break and the girls get chance to play with other children and socialise. I do find it difficult juggling a family, two jobs, two dogs and normal household chores and shopping etc, but I am not one for sitting down and relaxing so I am better being on the go all the time.

I don’t expect Robinson Designs to take off so I can pack in the day job, I have a love for design and do it as a hobby more so, and love doing it. I am also challenging myself with photography at the moment and have just offered some new services like airbrushing and photo editing or manipulation to my services as I think they can make a beautiful photograph look stunning.

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  1. November 6, 2010 / 11:21 am

    We LOVE Robinsons Designs! She is a talented lady and great to tweet with!! (despite not wishing to get sucked into twitter!!) xx

  2. November 8, 2010 / 11:02 am

    Aww Thanks Donna!! xx