Time saving Tip: Take Good Care of Yourself

This third and final instalment of my time saving tips is definitely the most important! At first read, ‘Take Good Care of Yourself‘ doesn’t sound much like a time saving tip does it? Read on, and you’ll get what I mean.

As entrepreneurs, mums and human beings with lives and growing to-do lists, looking after ourselves is generally the last thing we think to do. First there are the children, then perhaps a partner, your business, house, dog, car, garden, on and on and on… and at the very bottom of the list is you, if you make the list at all, that is.  We work and work and fill every minute of the day doing things we hope will make other people happy and/or increase business. While these are good and noble causes, they cannot be effectively managed if we are not ourselves running at peak efficiency.

If I stay up too late working on my marketing plan or updating my website, I’m dragging the next day. The first several hours are wasted while I shuffle about, wake up and try to get my bearings. This is wholly inefficient and a huge time eater.

Likewise, if I don’t eat properly and take a vitamin or two, I have no energy. My thinking may be clouded by low blood sugar or lack of energy. Plowing into work without stopping for breakfast is a sure fire way of setting yourself up for an afternoon crash.

Looking after yourself doesn’t really take any time at all, but not doing so will really slow you down. The top five things to remember

  1. Get plenty of sleep. This seems easier said than done, especially if you have small children, but you are (usually) in control of how late you stay up so try to get to bed at a reasonable hour.
  2. Drink plenty of water. It helps to balance your blood sugar, clear out toxins and lubricate your brain to keep you thinking clearly.
  3. Invest in some good supplements. Fellow Networking Mummy, Linda Hawkins of Nova Health Products can help you find just what you need to help you feel great and keep your energy levels up.
  4. Eat regularly and balance your meals. Eat carbs with good quality protein – a sandwich made with wholegrain bread and chicken, toast with peanut butter, Ryvita with hummus, etc. This will keep you fuller longer and keep your brain functioning efficiently.
  5. Set firm working hours. Work at night only if you have to, or that’s best for you (because the kids are asleep then). Don’t work weekends. Take time for yourself to enjoy life.

I hope my time saving tips have helped you to find ways to be more productive and efficient in your life and your work. Enjoy the hours you’ve saved!

Kate Laine-Toner runs Your Ad Hoc PA, paperkatie and BENK Creative from her home in Fareham, Hampshire.

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