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It’s raining outside!  I can’t pack the children off to the park or into the garden. How do I get my work done without sitting them in front of the TV?

I didn’t get to bed until midnight last night as I had 300 e-mails to trawl through once I had cleared the holiday washing – we were camping last week!  Despite setting the alarm for 8.15am I didn’t surface until  9.30am. What a luxury not to have the school run to contend with!  After supervising the family breakfast and a quick shower and hair wash, I tackled the Tuesday morning chores: changed the towels and stripped the children’s beds.

At  11am I took my 14 year old son Peter to the Drs to have a very sore toe checked over. On top of this we discovered that my 9 year old daughter had some unwanted visitors! –  her first head lice infestation in two years! I thought we were past all that!  After the Dr’s appointment, we popped to the chemist to buy the necessary lotions (£15 a bottle!) and then to the vets to stock up on pet food.

Home for a quick bagel lunch. Now, how to entertain my 9 year old daughter for the afternoon? Luckily , a couple of days ago, she’d talked me into buying her some felt and patterned fabric off-cuts so that she could make a cartoon character that she’d designed. Today was as good a day as any to get her started on it. I then disappeared into the office whilst my husband tackled some ironing. Despite stopping every 30 minutes to help my daughter with her creation, I got quite a lot done. I pulled together some information ready for a 7.30pm meeting with a potential new trader. I answered several queries from team members and called a couple of customers. I also managed to clear a pile of outstanding orders.

Later in the afternoon, my husband prepared dinner with a bit of help from my son whilst I made the children’s beds and freshened up for my meeting.

Off to Salisbury after dinner to meet with my potential new recruit then home for a delousing session for everyone – just in case! Makes me itch just thinking about it!

Sarah Gifford lives in Rural Dorset with her husband and 2 children.

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