A Day in the Life of …. Zest Payroll Solutions

I don’t need to set an alarm clock anymore.
I have one of 3 wake up calls:

  • Teeny Man (15 months) crying for his morning milk
  • Little Man (4) jumping on the bed
  • Little Man shouting “I’ve done a poo poo” at the top of his voice from the bathroom (this is not my preferred way to start the morning!)

So, with that it’s up and at it, desperately trying to get all 3 of us dressed and fed by 8.30. For some reason the 20 minutes from then is always put on fast forward in a jumble of shoes, coats, choosing today’s must have cuddly companion and a suitable random object for today’s colour table at Pre-School.

With little man safely deposited, Teeny Man and I head home for a play. If I’m really lucky, he will start to show his “I’d actually quite like a little nap please, Mummy” signs and I’ll swiftly settle him down and head to the Zest Payroll Solutions’ “office”.
I love that term!
My “office” consists of the computer desk and a multitude of shelves tucked away in the corner of the dining room. I long for the day the boys can share a room so I can claim the spare room as my own.

I may have an hour to get my head into work mode. With running payrolls for small/medium sized businesses and parents employing nannies, I am lucky in that the main bulk of work comes in during the last 2 weeks of the month as pay days are usually at the end. There’s always other things to be working on though, be it marketing, making phone calls or doing the accounts and I’ve just started a new blog for parents too (www.pennies4parents.blogspot.com) so writing for that takes up lots of time.

After the Pre-School pick up and feeding the hungry monkeys, I sometimes have a little time after lunch to “pop back to the office” if I need to, while Little Man plays and the Teeny Man naps again (I am lucky having a very energetic baby who wears himself out a lot!). If it’s something major I need to do, I’ll set Little Man up with some Play Dough or other dining table top friendly activity so that I can keep an eye on him and it’s actually rather nice to have someone to talk to. Being a WAHM can be pretty lonely.

More feeding, bathing and story telling and it’s back to work for the evening. This is when I most enjoy working – a couple of hours to really get stuck into it without any distractions (Daddy’s in charge then!).

Life as a WAHM is hectic, but I love being around for my boys and wouldn’t want it any other way!

Claire Meredith
Zest Payroll – a refreshing approach!
01823 288537

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