What Pieces Of Furniture Would Be Essential For Your Home Office?

When it comes to work, you could be in one of two particular situations right now. Perhaps you have long been working from home but are struggling to hit enough of your targets, or you have only recently switched to remote working but find it rather bewildering.

In either case, you should educate yourself on what furniture your home office needs, lest you don’t quite have everything you need to always get your work tasks done on time. So, what pieces are required?

What Pieces Of Furniture Would Be Essential For Your Home Office

A Desk:

If you can’t quite find enough room for a traditional desk, there are a few space-saving hacks you could try, as advocated by Ideal Home. For example, you could investigate possibly shifting a small desk – whether you have bought it or instead made it yourself – under a staircase if there would be enough room for it there.

If you make your own desk, you could give it hairpin table legs to help minimise the amount of space the desk takes up.

A Comfortable Chair: 

Of course, you can’t be certain how comfortable any chair would be for you until you have actually sat in it. Unsurprisingly, then, The Balance Small Business advises readers setting up home offices to “make sure you test the chair before making a purchase.”

It would bode well if, when shopping for an office chair, you found one prominently branded as ‘ergonomic’ – as this model of chair will have been specially engineered for comfort.

New Carpet:

It might not seem like a priority when thinking about productivity and functionality in your home office, but a new flooring or luxury carpet can be a fantastic and affordable way to rejuvenate a space.

Particularly with a study or spare bedroom that has a smaller floor space, you can upgrade to a higher-end carpet without breaking the bank, giving your office area a luxury finish with added comfort. Carpet Warehouse recommends a soft, Saxony pile carpet for that premium underfoot feel, but you also want to ensure you go for a heavy duty, dense carpet that will bounce back into shape under rolling chair wheels and desk furniture etc.

Adequate Lighting

Failing to keep your home office sufficiently well-lit can take its toll on your productivity, as you could too often find yourself struggling to read – not only on your computer screen but also on paper documents.

The electrical lighting already installed in your home, even combined with the natural lighting that trickles through from the outside, might not suffice for keeping headaches and eyestrain at bay. So, you shouldn’t be afraid to add a lamp to your office desk if you think doing so would help the situation.

A Filing Cabinet: 

If your work entails you regularly referring back to paper documents, it would be convenient for you to have somewhere to store those items and keep them readily accessible. 

That “somewhere” could be a filing cabinet, which would make it easier for you to organise those documents, too. Hence, even on a busy workday, you could always quickly find just what you need when you open the cabinet and pore through its contents.


It’s not just sheets of paper you would probably need to store for work purposes. Other items for which you could need to find easily accessible spaces include pens, ink, business cards and books. 

Fortunately, these are all good examples of objects you could place in a bookcase positioned strategically in your home office, allowing you to just reach for certain supplies as and when they are needed. Pens, for instance, could be left in a container from which you would be able to fetch a new pen when your ‘current’ one runs out.

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