Designing an infographic

What is an infographic?

An infographic is basically a lovely image which enables a source to provide information in a less boring fashion, no really! It’s a great way to present surveys and information that can be complicated to read. Infographics can be an excellent way to build brand awareness, inbound links and what’s even better they can be relatively low cost.

What does an infographic need?

  • Data : An infographic needs to provide the reader with information which is usable in small bite size chunks which is why it’s a great way to represent statistics.
  • Design : Design is obviously important and the emphasis needs to be on good. There are lots that don’t use the graphic element well and end up like a list of bullet point, suggests Cari from ErryBerry Designs. If you aren’t lucky enough to be a designer or have one on your team then check out these 10 free tools for creating infographics.
  • Story – Jo from Slummy Single Mummy says – “be wary of creating them for the sake of it if it was a topic that loads of people had covered before – be creative! I want to do something no one has done before, mock the format a little and make them entertaining”.  Ensure you have a clear direction of why you are creating an infographic, what information you wish the reader to glean and make it visually appealing. Dear mummy blog agrees with this point “Some of the best Infographics we’ve seen tell stories from top to bottom. Also try and design it in thirds or quarters and portrait always works best!” I love her infographic for what happened in 2015!
  • Sharability : Infographics which are well designed and planned provide a great way to share content as a marketing tool. Infographics are proven to be long time traffic drivers, data rich visual content is more likely to be read and shared than text.

Example :

Take the infographic below from Property Rescue, this information about house prices in London is key to their business and useful if you were to sell your home. However it is not something that would be interesting to read in written form. The bullet points condense the information in a clear, concise way and the posh houses draw your eyes in.



Infographics are increasing in popularity especially with the use of Pinterest as a social sharing platform. What information would you create an infographic about?  I love infographics which make my life so much easier! I might even create one for my children on how to make their beds!!

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