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I love hosting guest posts for the same reason I love writing them. It’s great for back links and for putting your content in front of a new audience  Today I have some tips for Mummy Bloggers from the lovely Vicky who blogs over at “Single Mother Ahoy!” – enjoy!

I’ve had my blog – Single Mother Ahoy! – for a little over a year, and I’d like to think it’s pretty successful. I love my blog; it’s brought me some fabulous opportunities, contacts and even friends. If you’ve just started a blog, here are a few tips:

  • First things first: get clear in your head why you are doing this. Do you just want somewhere to organise your thoughts? To find other parents going through a similar situation with an illness or disability? To establish yourself as an expert in your particular field? To get your writing noticed so that you can pursue a career in journalism? This decision will determine what and how you write.

  • Don’t try to be something you’re not. It will show. Even through the internet, people can smell a lie.

  • Write about what you know. If you or your child has an illness/disability, if you love to bake, if you’re a fabulous trapeze artist, blog about that. If you know nothing about disabilities, you can’t cook for toffee, or you’ve never been near a trapeze, don’t bother. There are plenty of other bloggers out there who are experts in these areas; if you don’t know what you’re talking about, why would people read it?

  • I have a rule with my blog: I don’t write posts I wouldn’t read. I am fully aware that while I am very interested in every tiny little detail of my daughter’s life, the wider world really is not bothered by the vast majority of it, and they definitely don’t want to hear about every neurotic thought that crosses my mind. Likewise, I try to be upbeat and positive wherever possible; nobody will continue reading a blog that just depresses the hell out of them!

  • Get yourself on Twitter! If you want people to read your blog, put it under their noses! Follow people who do a similar thing to you. Use hashtags (#pbloggers, for parent bloggers, is a good one) to signpost people to your post. But don’t just promote your blog; interact with people too! Tweet, tweet, tweet!

  • Join in linky parties, blog carnivals etc. By being active on Twitter you can find linky parties that are relevant to what you do; linking up can make a big difference to your blog traffic. Don’t just link up and run though; comment on the post, and take the time to stop by some of the other posts that have been linked up.

  • Join up to sites like Tots100 and Brit Mums. These are groups for parent bloggers that offer ways of networking with other bloggers, review opportunities, competitions and more.

  • Personally, I think it’s important to pay attention to things like spelling and punctuation. I find it difficult to read a badly-written blog so I try to write mine reasonably well!

  • The best thing about the parent blogger community is that it’s not a competition! You can write about the same issues as fifty other people, but still be great friends with all of them. We’re a very supportive and friendly bunch!

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