4 Tips To Create A Meme (and hoping it goes viral)

I cannot believe I have 13 months before the big 4 0! I’ve have been loving going through and ticking off items on my #40before40 list, I’ve had fun and felt proud of all my achievements. However, 2 years in my priorities have shifted and I wanted my list to reflect this.  I’ve readjusted 2 of my #40before40 list, 26 and 37. This post concentrates on 26 and how I plan to execute it.

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Originally 26 was about getting a viral YouTube video.

26. Have a YouTube Video Go Viral : Which would actually require me to create some video content in order for it to, you know go viral! So I’d hang back until 2020 for this one.

I’ve made no video content in around 5 years so I’m not even sure why I added this at all! I think it was a vanity thing, a viral video is one of those milestones/goals/markers which social influencers use and well I wanted one. But considering I use this blog and my Facebook Business Page to connect with my audience making a viral video is an unrealistic goal.  The whole point of a #40before40 list is to be able to achieve these 40 markers not set myself up to fail. After reading “My viral Facebook post plus 5 tips to create your own” from Business for Mums, it made sense that attempting to create a meme would be a much better idea.

26. Create a Meme That Goes VIRAL : Wish me luck!

What is a Viral Post? : 

What defines if your Facebook post is viral? Facebook looks at the number of likes, comments, shares and stories/posts/updates created from your original post. I can’t find a specific number associated with a “viral post” but I’m going to say 100,000 reach is my target to tick off ✔️ my #40before40.

4 Tips To Create A Meme (and hoping it goes viral) : 

  1. Make Your Meme Shareable:  I know that sounds really woolly and obvious but when creating your meme think about the fonts download.  Ensure the fonts are clear to read but also relatable. A handwriting font gives your meme a human, friendly feel, that personal touch.  Don’t clutter the meme with too much information or images. Make sure the message is clear. Which is actually easier said than done!
  2. Branding: When your meme goes viral you will want people to know it’s from you otherwise it’s a wasted opportunity. Use your logo/business name, brand colours or opt for a short FB URL like: FB.com/joannedewberry.co.uk Not everyone will share your meme directly some will download or screenshot it, therefore ensuring a new reader knows who the original poster is and how to find them paramount.
  3. Size IS Everything: Use the correct Facebook post dimensions a single image needs a maximum width of 492px in order to display correctly. The length isn’t as important but for memes, most people opt for a square.  There is free online software that you can use to create Facebook post images that are already the correct size.
  4. Timing Matters: Don’t go blindly in posting, willy nilly, check your insights.  Look to see when image posts get a better reach with your audience.  For example, my reach is pretty much the same between 7am – 2pm with a spike at 12-1pm (I’m guessing the Facebook lunch scroll session!) from 3pm it plummets and doesn’t pick up again until 8pm. Obviously, my audience is mainly mums in business so this coincides with school pick up up to bedtime. It’s important to know your audience, when they are online and what they like. My insights also show that image posts have greater engagement than links and status updates.

Viral Meme Attempt One :

Have you ever had a post go viral on Facebook? What tips do you have for increasing engagement? Or what would make you share images with your friends?  I plan to update this post with stats and more attempts as I’m sure it will take a few!

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  1. November 15, 2019 / 2:16 pm

    I love your 40 before 40 idea so much. You inspired me to create my own. At the moment I’m still adding to the list faster than ticking it off but I’ve got a few years left. Would be great to do one thing together I need to check our lists again and see if anything is the same.