5 Important Life Skills to Explore with Your Child

Schools help children in preparation for the future. Not only the exams that they will sit but also in shaping them into well-behaved, ambitious, and resilient children. Outside of their remit are life skills that they will need your help to develop growing up. Here are just a few of them that we put together with the help of an independent school in London.

5 Important Life Skills to Explore with Your Child:

5 Important Life Skills to Explore with Your Child


It costs nothing to be kind. Just a small gesture like asking someone about their day and how they’re feeling can offer comfort during a difficult time. To get to that stage and know that something’s wrong, children must be able to identify feelings and develop their emotional intelligence. You may have heard of this term before. It refers to an awareness of how others feel which can help them in showing empathy. You may want to explore the kind of feelings that they have experienced for this activity so that they are able to resonate with them and really connect with others.


Another life skill is communication. There’s no way to really avoid talking to others. Your children will need to in order to work alongside their peers and learn new things. It’s something that you can help them with by talking to them more often. Ask about their day and involve them in conversations. If your child’s shy, you can help them to slowly step out of their comfort zone by giving them the opportunity to speak to other people besides yourself like friends and family. Reading is another great way to help them here. They will learn new words which will enable them to formulate better sentences and clearly communicate themselves.

Problem Solving:

You can’t prepare your child for everything that they will face in life, but you can help them by developing their problem-solving skills. It’s the ability to think outside of the box and create innovative solutions of their own.

Critical Thinking:

It’s good to question things. It helps us to find the best solutions. You can help your child in this area by encouraging them to do so as opposed to accepting things at face value.


We all deserve to be treated with respect. No matter what background, ideas, or beliefs we hold, we’re equal and this is a notion that children should be brought up with. It can help them to keep an open mind and do well in social situations.

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