5 ways to increase your party sales this Christmas

November and December are the busiest times of year for anyone in retail.  Everyone is buying Christmas gifts and stocking fillers but not everyone wants to go traipsing around the shops (it’s one of my least favourite jobs). These days you can pretty much buy anything via Party Planners and Direct Sellers, such as cards and wrapping paper from Flamingo Paperie and increasingly popular melting scented wax from Scentsy. Party Planners and Direct Sellers can do well with a spot of targeted online marketing and handy party tips.

Stampin Up with Lexy

Photo Credit : Stampin Up with Lexy

Visual Marketing Online :

We have talked about this before, especially with Party Plan you really need to have some of your own images and not just the stock ones (which all consultants are using) to make you stand out. Stage photos of wrapped products with a specific target audience in mind to share over your social media for example : Secret Santa and Teacher Christmas Presents.

Facebook videos are increasing in popularity and work really well for promoting a specific item or collection rather than a whole range which can be overwhelming. Think about a few stocking filler gifts for say under £20, under £10, under £5 and target a specific group. ie “Stocking fillers under £10 for Children” or “Gifts for those hard to buy males for under £20”.  This kind of promotions will attract customers wanting to buy.

Use your existing customer base to entice potential customers.  Ask them to post photos of your products in use. Do a poll find out what their favourite Christmas themed product is? Any way you can engage your customers is a great way to increase the buzz around your products. If you’re really lucky their families will see and pop a Christmas order in.

Take a look at your social media profiles and consider changing the link to your best selling product rather than the homepage.

Take them out the packet :

You’d be surprised how many events and parties I’ve been to where the consultant keeps all her kit in mint condition. Customers want to see, smell and touch your products, therefore, have a stash opened. Selling paper chain kits? Have a length made up so the customer can visualise this in their home or their children creating it. Open windows on an advent calendar, have wine samples, melting wax on a Winter themed warmer at the ready. Whatever your genre give your customer the option to experience the product in full not just wrapped in plastic.

Sell a lifestyle. A potential customer might not realise they are in the market for wine, but they are organising cheese and nibbles for friends enabling you to perfectly sell your product to them for a specific occasion. Listen to your customers. Offer them a personal shopping service by recommending suitable products in your range. Add a little bit of background to how it would benefit the recipient or how you use / would use it.

Be really specific and create gift bundles for a targeted audience wrapped in cellophane with ribbon. For example a bundle with a poster asking “Know someone who can’t sleep?” and a list of the products and their sleep benefits.  If potential customers can decide on the spot which family member the bundle would suit they are more likely to purchase rather than individual products.

scentsy winter pack Ailsa Wilkinson

Photo Credit : Ailsa Wilkinson, Independent Scentsy Consultant

Personal branding

Become your brand. Be known locally as the person “who sells ….”.  Change all your social media avatars to represent your Direct Sales company.  Use branded clothing, tote bags when out doing deliveries, parties or events.  Have a stash of business cards in your bag and maybe a couple of brochures.

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Party Prep : 

A well organised party will reap in sales. Provide your hostess with brochures and samples that they can hand out to friends, share in their home before the party.  Friends who can’t attend the party are therefore provided with a beforehand ordering system. Set the hostess a sales target or incentive ( a product she really wants) that way they will be more likely to push sales, invite lots of friends and show everyone they know the brochure.

Neals Yard Party Pack

Photo Credit : Claire Relin, Neals Yard Remedies Consultant

At the party be enthusiastic about your product. People buy from people. Tell them what you love about your product, which is your favourite, sell them your lifestyle.  Be engaging and approachable, encourage the conversation and take the time to speak to everyone.

Play games. Games make the party fun, warming everyone up a little and stopping it from becoming a flat sales pitch.

Grab their details : 

If you follow these tips you will increase your sales for Christmas. HOWEVER then what do you do? Ensure you have a system at party and events in which to grab people’s contact details. Personally I prefer email addresses as that way you send them a special offer newsletters. If you can encourage potential customers and regular customers to follow you on Facebook which can be easier at busy events then you will be able to share the newsletter sign up and subsequent newsletters to them.  This way you can develop a relationship with your customers all year round and not just for Christmas.

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  1. November 24, 2016 / 5:17 pm

    Fab post. I’ve been thinking of doing a bit of party planning with my own biz but need to look into it a bit more yet

    • November 24, 2016 / 6:12 pm

      Thanks loveły. I think these tips would easily transfer to your business with regards to using social media.

  2. Ann Hills
    November 25, 2016 / 4:34 am

    Thank you. V informative