How to get the best Black Friday deals as a consumer

I remember back in my youth excitedly day dreaming about my piles of Christmas cash (probably around £40) and what bargains I might pick up in the Boxing Day sales. Queuing outside freezing in a post Christmas haze picking up anything because it’s 75% off and that’s a steal! Yes, of course I do really need these 5 identical black t-shirts. Not any more, we are savvy online shoppers now! Black Friday & Cyber Monday is vast becoming an important weekend in our yearly consumer calendar. Black Friday was the biggest shopping day of the 2015. The idea being to kick start our Christmas gift shopping with a plethora of offers, discounts and one off bargains.

For smaller independent businesses, especially those operating online where your retail shop is effectively open 24 hours a day, taking part in Black Friday couldn’t be easier.  But like anything you need a strategy and a campaign. You can read all my top tips here over on Sage UK : Black Friday Small Business Tips

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However what about us as consumers. At times it can be hard to understand deals and the best way to save cash and really grab a bargain on the lead up to Christmas. If you are feeling overwhelmed and need a strategy for your Black Friday shopping habits? If only there were a handy free e-book that explains and takes you through how to get the best deals over Black Friday & Cyber Monday that would be amazing. Hey wait! The clever guys over at My Voucher Codes have created just what you need. Including super handy tips to using your mobile phone did you know last November saw a 97% year-on-year increase in sales made on a smartphone device?

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