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Most days, I find myself desperately trying to cram in some sewing around our busy family life…but I mostly end up at the whim of my children and being regulated to computer based business tasks most of the time.

2 days a week, my children go to day care and those are my work days. The first of these days is when my business partner and myself get together for the whole day, which we dedicate entirely to our business.

We’re only a new company, and still looking for opportunities, so this time is spent in different ways, week to week.  Usually, it involves us crafting separately together; for example, I sew while she knits. It’s great to have a good old fashioned chat and a cuppa over our crafting. We break for a nice homemade lunch and resume crafting until my husband comes home from work, having picked up the children on his way. Last week, we broke from our pattern and crafted together, which was really fun; making these beaded necklaces for our Etsy shop, Tempest Ahoy.  We’ve decided to do this more often as it was heaps of fun. Plus, we really like the result!

On days when we feel we have done enough crafting, we do behind the scenes work; like working on what sound like good shop policies, updating the blogs (http://tempestahoy.blogspot.com and http://knittingstorm.blogspot.com), or our new Facebook fan page.   We’re learning as we go.

The second of these days is spent sewing on my own; and social networking where possible.

Tempest Ahoy is based in Australia and run by a very dear old school friend of mine.

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