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Back in 2015 I wrote a popular article 11 ways in which your small business can go paperless. Although it seems like hard work (and it is believe me I love paper!) it’s not only good for your carbon footprint, the environment and quite frankly your health, de-cluttered offices are bad for the brain, but paperless methods can be far more productive.

Cloud computing

The ways in which we can store information online are increasing, Cloud based resources are getting better and quickly becoming vital for any small business looking to reduce their paper usage. Microsoft Dynamics 365 (http://www.hitachi-solutions.co.uk/products-and-technologies/microsoft-dynamics-365/) from Hitachi Solutions, for example, provides the latest innovations which can be tailored to any business requirements and integrated to platforms your business already uses.

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Benefits :

  • Saving Money : One of the biggest benefits of ditching paper in favour of online facilities are the financial implications.  Storage of paper can be expensive. Printing of paper is expensive. Time spent looking for paper costs money. You get the idea.
  • Making Money : Cloud based software is known to increase productivity, productive employees equal more raised income. Employees who can easily locate items and share with each other which can lead to increased remote working meaning reduced needs for large office spaces and storage.
  • Streamline : Cloud based software enables you to streamline all in-house operations which is not only great for your carbon footprint but helps improve the functionality of your business.
  • Increased Productivity : The rise in digital documents which are easier to store and share but they are faster to access and locate. Digital documents are far more versatile than paper ones you can even access them on a mobile phone. at your finger tips enabling you to share data, contracts and even invoices with customers, co-workers and clients.
  • Happier Customers : Faster, more efficient service customer service will make for happier customers.  Empower employees. Engage customers. Optimise operations. Transforming your business.

So ditching paper might not be as hard as you think and can actually be rewarding to your small business.

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