Standing Out in the Crowded World of Blogging

There are plenty of bloggers out there all over the world. Many are blogging about the same topics and ideas as you and may even share the same goals as you. Getting started writing a new blog may be overwhelming and it may feel difficult to feel unique enough to shine brighter than the other millions blogging about food, relationships, health and fitness, even hairstyles, just about anything you can think of. In this article, you’ll learn ways of standing out in the crowd.

Guest Post as Much as Possible :

Guest posting is an amazing way to get on the radar of others in your market. Posting quality content and submitting them to other blogs gives you an authority that no one can touch. So many bloggers get lost in the idea of getting attention on their blog and their blog alone (and making money) that they forget the true beauty of it: you have to give to get. (I’ll touch on this more below.) Share your information on other’s blogs and connect with new readers.

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Consistency is Key :

Nothing will kill your blog more than posting rarely or randomly. Have a set amount of days per week or even days of the week that you post so readers and fans can know when to expect it. If they never know when you’re going to post, then you’ll lose them. No one wants to keep checking back everyday to be disappointed when they don’t find new content- that gets old real fast. Here’s some inspiration to get you in the zone: once you write 24-51 posts, your blog traffic jumps to 30%.

Add a Touch of Personality :

Actually, a lot of it. Some niches are filled with bland personalities that frankly, excites no one. Add humor, incorporate personality to an otherwise boring topic or even change up the viewpoint. Having a personality helps people to relate to you and know that there is an actual person on the other side of the screen. It can also help you grow a fanbase because readers will really learn to love you, who you are, and what you’re all about. Make people giddy to read every one of your post because of your quirks.

Get Started on a Mailing List ASAP :

You’re really dropping the ball here if you have no mailing list and you’d be surprised how many bloggers are not collecting email addresses. Learn from their mistake. By having a list, you’ll be able to drive traffic to your blog and will even have leverage in product launches. This helps you to stand out big time because you’re building community outside just your blog. A gmail app for mass emails allows you to send mail merge campaigns with automatic follow-up emails.

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Personalize each and every email, schedule emails and even track opens and clicks for when you send out product launches. Gmass is an effective tool for managing emails responsibly and timely without overwhelming you in the slightest!

Network With the A-Listers :

Find out who are the big wigs in your particular niche and start networking with them as much and as often as you can. However, be careful you don’t come off as needy and definitely don’t attack or beg them. Begin with Twitter and go from there. Reply to their tweets and exchange subtle interactions before you take the next step and turn to emails.

Give More than You Get :

Take action and add value to people’s lives to show that you do care about others! With recent events going on in the world, now’s the perfect time to volunteer in your community or even share a petition on Facebook or any social media. This can also cause your post to be shared A LOT. 94% of people who share posts do so because they think it might be helpful to others so set up donations to reach out to others throughout the world who’ve experienced devastation due to a flood, fire, or really any catastrophic events. Or, choose a charity that you hold close to your heart to passionately inform others and allow them to take action as well.


There’s no doubt that getting started as a blogger is one tough rodeo. Sure it’s easy to carve out some space on the web for your blog, but will it really get noticed? Not everyone who starts a blog will be successful and not everyone who has a successful blog right now will have one later. Follow these tips and adapt, create, and continuously grow with your readers.

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