Facebook Challenge Day 1 – Louise Gibbs

I really thought I was going to struggle on the first day. I really should not have worried – anything work related today has been completely sidelined. Yesterday’s birthday party went really well, everyone enjoyed themselves, pass the parcel was played without too much of a fight to get the prize and Isabella got to eat her very first ever piece of cake!

All this made for an emotional mummy who went to bed wondering where her baby had disappeared too. I had only been asleep for less than 2 hours when Baby Signing Daddy suddenly started with the stomach bug that had the whole of Isabella’s preschool closed last week. Enter a night of no sleep and panicking that Isabella or I will be next…I just really don’t want to spoil Isabella’s actual birthday tomorrow she is so looking forward to it.

Anyway – so this morning I ended up out of the house so as not to be sat in the germs, and this afternoon I have had a ball of excitement to entertain! We have tidied her whole bedroom in anticipation of what might be opened tomorrow and played with a couple of her party presents.

Though I have to say, not intentional, when I remembered that I couldn’t get onto facebook, I carried on thinking, this is actually nice I didn’t have the pressure to get on and “see what was going on” I have just used my 20 minutes while Isabella watches cbeebies and have updated my fanpage with a new member of my Signing STARS gang. Unintentionally I have actually had a little bit of a no social media day and I think it has allowed me to refocus in my mind and allowed me to plan out work. Admittedly – I now actually have to do some work!

But overall, day one has gone well, as in I didn’t miss it, not quite so well in the fact I should have done more work!
But then – is this not a typical day in the life of a mumpreneur?

Louise Gibbs – BabySignning Mummy

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