Facebook Challenge Day 2 – Victoria Dixon

Today has been an odd day – odd that in all honesty I haven’t really missed  Facebook! School was once again closed today and the weather has been  remarkable – crisp clear blue skies with sparkling snowy landscape one minute then  the next time I glance out the window freezing fog and I can barely see two metres!  Those that have seen Frank Daraponts depiction of Stephen Kings novel ‘The Mist’  may have felt slightly unnerved!

I have spent most of the day entertaining the children – doing crafty things, playing  games etc & tidying the house. We cleaned the rabbits this morning then walked  down to the local shop. (cue kids “I want” mode!!)

I haven’t had much of an opportunity to work today but when I have sat down at the  computer I have checked emails and worked on an order. I also had a peek at Twitter this morning but not for long.

I am hoping to be able to put a couple of new themes on my Facebook page this evening but that largely depends on how much time I have. I am beginning to sense a couple of all-nighters on the horizon to get through my backlog of orders if this snow continues to close the school!

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