Guest Post – Feng Shui for your Office: A Guide to a more relaxed workspace

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of rearranging your furniture to create a more blissful, happier home. This system of geomancy is supposed to improve your lifestyle and bring good fortune; however it doesn’t have to be limited to your living room or house. Workplaces such as offices are incredibly stressful environments and almost anything would help in reducing the clutter of paperwork and coffee mugs to clear your head on a Monday morning. Here we show you how to Feng Shui your desk and rearrange your office furniture into a more soothing place to work.

The Bagua Map
‘The what?’ I hear you ask. The Bagua map is what we use to determine how we should arrange a room or house according to the rules of Feng Shui. You will see that it is usually an octagon divided into several sections, each with a different purpose or characteristic. This is what we will use to balance those ‘ying’ and ‘yang’ energies! Depending on the placing of your south facing wall and where the front door of the building is located, the map arrangement will be different for every workplace.

When re-organising you should place your desk and computer in the ‘career’ area of the map whilst books should go in the ‘self-cultivation’ or ‘knowledge’ parts. There are also objects you can put in areas determining ‘fame’ and ‘wealth’ which we will come to later…

Position Your Desk
Most people like to position their computer desks near the door so they can make their escape at 5PM. However, it is recommended that you place your desk facing the door so that you are welcoming in others, whilst a wall behind you offers stability. Although this positioning of your desk should establish a ‘commanding presence’ you should also have a clear view out of a window to offer a calming distraction for when things get hectic. A curved shaped desk whose corners ‘wrap’ around you are also a positive influence as the natural shape mirrors the body and encourages creative activity whilst eliminating the harsh sharp edges that can leave you feeling open and uneasy.

Piles of letters, your lunch, family photos, files, stationary and the contents of your handbag all make an unsightly mess of your desk. Seeing all of these things at once can be incredibly irritating as we are constantly stressed by the reminder of other tasks and, let’s face it, the urge to tidy! Free up your mental burden by giving your desk a spring clean. Emptying and rearranging drawer contents as well as organising everything on the surface will help in cleansing your chi (energy).

An empty desk with nothing but a telephone and a computer will make you feel much more at ease and efficient while a framed picture will encourage good thoughts in tough times.

Lighting can make all the difference to the ‘feel’ inside your workplace. A harsh white light create a sense of falsity and negativity, not to mention it makes you look completely different. Out goes all that effort you put into getting ready in the morning…

Large open windows that let in a lot of natural sunlight do wonders for your mood and energy. Soft lights will also make the room look more comfortable and relaxed should you ever have to stay late.

Make the place flow
When we say ‘flow’ we mean that there should be a natural pathway to navigate through the office that isn’t obstructed by bulky desks and sofas. This will create efficiency and a natural dynamic. For example, we find that a lot of offices choose an open plan layout though others do opt for screened off rooms to keep things separate. Soften sharp corners with plants as harsh edges create the sense of being ‘attacked’. Dull wall spaces should be brightened up with mirrors or vibrant paintings to encourage the positive energy flowing through the workspace. Keep storage areas separate too to minimise mess.

Plants are not only good for decoration but they are helpful in naturally purifying air within the workplace. Offices can get very stuffy and with all those people sharing the same air and it can get a little polluted. Plants help us stay connected to nature whilst also reducing toxins and stimulating our creative sides with their energizing green colour.

Now you mention it, there’s a reason why you’ve probably never worked in a hot pink office. Feng Shui encourages the use of certain colours as they supposedly contain different properties to improve our wellbeing. Blues, purples and red are said to enhance prosperity and wealth whilst yellows, blue and white assist in happiness and relaxation – so use these for your staffroom! Orange is also associated with organisation so keep that in mind if you ever need to do some filing.


The purpose of Feng Shui is to coordinate manmade structures with nature and the earth’s energy. This is why certain objects are said to bring prosperity when made of certain (natural) materials and placed at designated spots in the room. For example; a sturdy wooden desk provides practicality and hopes of success. A picture of a waterfall or a lake will also represent the water energy flow as does the use of an aquarium or ornamental water fountain. Before you ask, no, the water cooler does not count!

Likewise, red reflects wealth and special objects in this colour will bring good fortune. Some examples include a red envelope containing coins or a healing crystal placed on a red ribbon. Other items to place in the ‘wealth’ section of your workplace are spherical objects, bells (which represent power) conch shells which echo the notion of a ‘prosperous voyage’.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article and benefit from the simple changes you can make.

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