HELP! I’ve lost my blogging mojo!

Please return to ….

I love blogging – I really do!
But lately I have struggled to actually complete a post … I have a drafts section full to the brim with half completed posts.

I spent a couple of hours staring at the blank screen .. this is NEVER ever going to be helpful!!!
Then I read other peoples blogs – always useful for seeing what everyone else is chatting about.  But instead of getting the creative juices flowing I suddenly realised I’d spent the whole day ….. reading.
Then I asked on Facebook …. but the topics were either ones I’d already covered or STILL did not not excite me!!

So Plan B was in order.

First of all I STOPPED looking at the blank screen.
STOPPED reading other people’s blogs and I STOPPED worrying about it!!
I filled the gaps with some guest posts and started working on other parts of my business. The parts I had been ignoring as I was stressing myself out non-blogging!!
After a refreshing gap I went back to basics.

Page 6&7 of Blogging for Business looks in depth at ‘mind mapping‘ and that’s exactly what I did. Using the key points & questions I wrote out a mind map for the May & June and got writing!! Having a clear direction again and structure to what I was going to be writing about meant that writing wasn’t a chore. I didn’t sit staring at blank screens and I started recording ideas and a few words into my dictaphone.

If your struggling to get your blog going.
Don’t know where to start?
What platform to use?
What to write?
How to make money etc …

Purchase your Blogging for Business Booklet today!

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  1. T & G
    June 11, 2012 / 2:27 pm

    Great read Joanne one which has inspired myself to get blogging. I know I have only witten 2 posts to date but any tips on how to encourage followers?

    • Joanne
      June 11, 2012 / 2:37 pm

      Is your blog easy to follow??
      Is your blog posting onto your Facebook page & twitter stream via networkedblogs or similar?
      Is your blog easy to share? Can they like & tweet easy?
      Are you inviting people to comment? Have you ended in a question? Are you tweeting asking peoples opinions?
      Have you listed your blog on blog listing sites (you can see a few on my site Tots100, British Blogs, wikio)?

      Hope this helps some 🙂

  2. Tracy
    June 12, 2012 / 1:02 pm

    Only now reading this. Thank you for your input once again Joanne. It has given me more to think about 🙂