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My tips to writing reviews was kindly shared on Twitter on Wednesday sparking a very long and interesting conversation.  What was so great about this conversation was that it not only included bloggers but brands.  AND my favourite bit was that the bloggers were actively encouraging the brand how to develop their blogger outreach – as she defined what she was doing wasn’t quite right.

I’m going to try as best I can to give you the key points from the conversation but you should be able to read the entire thread here.


Negative reviews are bound to have an impact upon a business. BUT I would never suggest a blogger lie. Instead think about how you can improve the product, why you didn’t like it how can this be developed, altered, changed?  Give constructive criticism not blanket comments.  Also remember we won’t all like the same thing! Otherwise life would be pretty boring 😉

As a brand its your job to take these points on board AND do something – either product development to which you can blog about and link back to the original post and even send the blogger the product after re-development.  The Toadstool UK hits the nail on the head later when she says she wants to develop relationships with her blog reviewers not just one off freebies. So communication is key from the onstart.  Ideally you would send the same product out to a number of bloggers – 3/5 so that you get a more rounded view.

Using bloggers to review products is a form of MARKETING and thus should appear on your marketing plan with key objectives.

  1. What do you want to achieve from using reviewers?
  2. How will you support this/them?
  3. How often will they review?
  4. Do you have a # / Facebook group / G+ hangout where the reviewers can post their reviews and work as a team/support network for each other
  5. Do you send them information? Or literally just the product? – a press release/product information/discounts specific to that blogger so their followers are rewarded.
  6. Deadlines from receiving to posting reviews.

Are you a brand working with bloggers? Or do you like to review?

I’d love to hear your feedback, tips, suggestions.

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  1. April 22, 2020 / 3:48 pm

    I know this is an older post, but I have been looking for as much help as I can find in writing reviews in general. Great site, and I will be picking through all the articles now as I have already found some great ideas! Thanks 🙂
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