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On a regular basis people ask me how on earth I manage to fit everything in, juggling my design business, ‘supportive business mums’ and all the work I am doing with The Light Direction.

I hardly get any sleep and seem to consistently be working round the clock whilst also finding time to look after my family and spend time with the kids.

It’s far from easy and a lot of people I speak to simply can’t understand why I invest so much time and money in championing other small businesses through TLD and SB_Mums whilst I am currently giving away free TLD stories and gifts and not pushing to sell any of my own “earn a living” products or services. “But you aren’t making any money from it” they say. There is more to life than money

My primary business is put under more pressure because I spend so much time doing things to support others and it is not unusual for me to end up designing for a client at 3am because with all my other commitments, my work schedule seems to end up that way. Given the feedback from my happy clients I think I must work better at night anyway (without noise from the kids or other distractions).

I have a bizarre work schedule and contend with the stresses of an irregular income where I am crazy busy with an abundance of work some weeks or have periods of very little work at all with bills to be paid none the less. It is impossible to maintain the same level of marketing, blogging and completing contracted work all at once (as many self employed people find) and so those who work in a more traditional 9-5 time frame often ask “How do you keep motivated when you work for yourself?”

My answer is this… I LOVE what I do. I LOVE where I live. I LOVE who I’m with. I APPRECIATE MY LIFE. That is all.

I am so excited to be with my family in Dorset, literally excited, as in I jump up and down and #Squeee about every day things like going shopping in Poole, or having a picnic in the car at Poole harbour on a rainy day. We worked so hard to get here, to live in the place where our heart is and we are working so hard to stay here now. As those of you who follow me on twitter will know ( #Twitpic alert LOL ) I go to Poole harbour as often as I can. That place is amazing. My spiritual home, it melts me. The only place I have ever felt truly at peace since my son died. No wonder it features as a main location in my book series too LOL. Living in Dorset with my wonderful family and being able to use my gifts to help people, whether through my business or other ventures like TLD is all the motivation I need.

When my fourth son Aarlonzo died I spent time in a pit of despair. It puts life in perspective.

Being self employed isn’t easy. There are lots of challenges to face. We are facing lots of challenges right now. I wouldn’t change what I do for anything though. It’s more than what I do, it’s who I am.

Being true to who you are is motivating. Being focussed on all the positive things in your life and enjoying the present is so important too. Visualising your goals and knowing you will achieve them is motivating, believing that being ‘you’ is enough. For three years I worked in my home office up north, building my business from scratch with no equipment, no funding, no help. All the time I was looking at my motivational mood board with photo’s of Poole harbour and Sandbanks beach. I could shut my eyes and visualise myself already there, sand between my toes, tasting the salty air on my lips, hearing the gentle hum of the chain ferry. I was motivated by the knowledge I could make my business a success and be able to move back to Dorset maintaining a successful business there. We finally acheived that dream in October 2010. We have been here almost exactly a year. Now I can physically get in the car and be at Poole harbour in twenty minutes (as opposed to a 13 hour drive when we lived up north LOL). Knowing what you want and believing in it, is all the motivation you need.

This is an entry into the JoanneDewberry.co.uk blogging competition.

Remember, The Light Direction is a story of love passion and betrayal with supernatural twists, it is unique in that I have seamlessly written real small businesses into the story. For example, the cottage the characters stay in is a real luxury holiday cottage at Beside The Sea Holidays and the gorgeous necklace lead character Emma is given by her super hot boyfriend Jez is a real necklace made by Sarah Marks of Tiny Gems. You can #WIN a holiday, a Tri-Love necklace and lots of other fabulous gifts with TLD. Download your FREE copy of our story ebooks here to find out more! Thanks for your support, Ces xxx.

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  2. Viv Smith
    October 25, 2011 / 12:40 pm

    Congratulations! Well deserved 🙂

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    A very deserving winning post and those photos are amazing! Congratulations. :o)