Mums Mean Business Week

Back in April I was involved in the Mums Mean Business Week organised by Business Crowd. I participated in an interview with Laura Morrison from The Game Changer. We discuss a whole plethora of things.

It’s always funny listening back to yourself! I never think my voice sounds like that! I also always amaze myself by how much information I can provide in between the copious amounts of umms and arhhhs! This interview is 40 minutes long so you’d better grab a cuppa as you’ll be here a while!

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Takeaway Tips :

Networking! Networking is vital for small business growth, development and ultimately sanity!

Working from home needs a dedicated time table. This stops people popping in and pushes you to be more productive.  You also need a space to work from which isn’t the sofa in front of the TV!

We Brits aren’t very good at talking about cash! Which can lead to uncomfortable working for free situations or under valuing our businesses.  If I had a £1 for everytime someone suggested a cup of coffee which ended up with me mentoring for free or when a PR has suggested I do something for exposure (because you know I can buy so many things like er … food with exposure!) I’d be a very rich lady! I read an interesting article recently by Denise Duffield-Thomas where she states her pricing is either free or expensive and so much of what she says just makes sense! Go take a look!

Following on from Denise’s advice remember pricing is crucial! Ensure you have pitched your prices at the right place from the start. Have a simple formula that you can follow.  Don’t be afraid to ask to be paid for services or products.

Anyone can start a small business from home. Never underestimate your skill set either from previous employment or new found parenting acquired skills.  Mums in business make up a large proportion of home based businesses.

Hope you enjoy listening to this interview. As always do leave me a comment or ask any questions I love to hear what you think.


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