How to stop your business venture taking its toll on your health

Starting your own business can be an exciting time. You get to follow your vision and be your own boss. However, as well as perks, launching a company comes with a host of pressures and if you’re not careful, you might find that this takes its toll on your health.
To ensure your entrepreneurial endeavours don’t end up wreaking havoc on your wellbeing, it’s worth paying attention to the following tips.

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Look out for the tell-tale signs of excessive stress : 

Everyone experiences some stress. This is a natural and unavoidable part of being human. But if you’re not careful when you start your own company, your stress levels can quickly get out of control. You might find you’re putting in very long hours, and even when you’re not at your desk, you could struggle to switch off from work-related worries. From concerns over cash flow to problems with personnel, you could be faced with a range of potentially challenging issues. To relieve some of that stress, it is a good idea to get in contact with a professional team such a HJS Recovery who can help with potential debt and save your business.

Being too stressed too much of the time can have serious consequences for your health, even raising your risk of a range of serious medical problems such as heart disease. So, it’s essential that you learn to spot the signs of excessive stress. Common symptoms include loss of appetite, problems sleeping, sweating more than normal and difficulty concentrating. You might also find that your thoughts race, you lose your temper more easily and you start drinking more than usual.

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Don’t get like this.

Look out for physical signs too, including unexpected hair loss. Thinning hair is a natural part of the ageing process for many people. For example, around half of men have male-pattern baldness by the time they hit 50. Although less common, female-pattern baldness is also part of the process of getting older for some women. You can find out more about these conditions and the treatments available for them on specialist health websites like However, not all cases of hair loss are caused by ageing. It’s relatively rare, but sometimes extreme emotional stress can trigger a condition called telogen effluvium, which causes the hair to thin across the scalp.

If you notice any signs that you’re under too much pressure, make sure you take steps to address this. The longer you carry on working under excessive strain, the more damage you’ll do to your health.

Give yourself some time off :

Even when you’re busy, it’s essential that you set aside some downtime. For example, rather than being on call round the clock, you could get into the habit of switching off your work phone and not checking your emails for two or three hours in the evening. This will give you a chance to wind down and spend time catching up with family and friends.

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Go outside for a walk.

Also, while it might be impossible at the very beginning when you set up a company, once your business is up and running, don’t feel guilty about booking breaks away from home. The occasional holiday will give you a chance to recharge, and you should find that you return feeling re-energised.

Share the workload :

If you’re a perfectionist it won’t be easy, but it’s essential that you learn to delegate. Trying to make every little decision for your business and control all aspects of your organisation is a sure fire way to raise your stress levels. Instead, get into the habit of assigning tasks to others where appropriate. This will become increasingly important as your company grows. By giving jobs to your colleagues, or outsourcing to third-parties where necessary, you can keep your do-to list under control.
As well as following these suggestions, you can search the web for more tips on how to look after your health when you launch a new business.

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