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You have put the hours in. You have made the handmade business cards, you have attended local events and hauled stock from your house to the car (and back again). Is it time to move your business online and how would you do this? We focus on a business that went online and how this can supply you with clients from different areas.

You COULD go to a web designer and spend a small fortune creating the greatest website since Amazon but to start the best thing is to take advantage of free website creators such as WordPress. How about (like me) starting a blog and drawing in interest that way – indirect promotion of your goods and services can be a good way to go. Once your business is going from strength to strength you could then invest in a major site but it’s probably best to look after the pennies at the early stages.

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A significant tool is Twitter – you may think that this site is simply for celebs like Justin Bieber to upload a selfie in his pants or Kim Kardashian trying on new Gucci sunglasses but think again. The key to twitter is for you to make the effort first – this includes following businesses that are perhaps similar to you and key people within your field. They will then follow you and this can introduce you to a community.

A business who successfully emigrated online is bed retailer Bedstar, you can find a range of beds and mattresses for the home over at What is different is that they offer a lot of the actual benefits of being in a physical shop but in the web – this includes online help and a low rate telephone number. You can also browse their products in your own time without the subtle pressure that you may find yourself under if you visit a large chain store. Once you are comfortable you can then contact them which is the key driver of their business model. They are successful as their website is welcoming and helpful so you are more inclined to give them your business.

Finally a surprising source of help is the Government – yes I actually meant that. At you can receive business support in starting a business and actually developing it further. You may as well take advantage of sites like this as an external person can see the brutal flaws and the shining light within your fledgling business baby. The key to success is taking stock of what you have achieved so far but also being confident in your next steps – the freedom of your own business can be scary but it can also be enthralling and exciting. You just have to make it easy on yourself.

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  1. December 5, 2015 / 3:46 am

    Thanks for your insights! It’s great when someone, such as yourself that has developed their own brand and business chooses to help others starting out. It can be very daunting indeed… most days in fact 😉 Do you have a direct link to any .gov help for businesses? I’m off to google it anyways, just wondered 😀