Using Promotional Merchandise to Market Your Business

There are many ways to promote and market your business to your target market, one of which is using promotional merchandise with your business branding on. You might think this is a little old-hat in such a digital world, but it can still be an effective tactic for increasing brand awareness and encouraging engagement and loyalty from your customers. Here are some of the benefits of using promotional merchandise to market your business. 

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Brand recognition and exposure

Distributing branded merchandise gets your name out there for more people to see and remember. Sending your customers a mug or pen which has your branding and a reminder of what you offer on it might increase the chance that they’ll recall your business when they decide they need a service or product you’re offering. Branded items can also be shared or swapped, which also gets more eyes on your business. 

Encouraging customer loyalty

Everyone loves getting something for free, and sending previous, current and potential customers a free gift will make them feel valued and convince them that they’re not just a number to your business. Free merchandise shows that your business cares enough about them to invest in the products and send them out, and this helps make your customers feel appreciated. It also keeps you front and centre in their minds if they’re considering purchasing again or using another service that you offer.


It can be cost-effective

Although there will be an upfront cost associated with getting the products made and distributing them, it’s likely customers will keep them for a while and even pass them to others thereby increasing their impact. This marketing tactic can be cheaper than expensive digital advertising if you weigh up the cost against how many people might see a branded item that is shared amongst colleagues, friends or family members. You may also get a discount from your supplier for ordering items in bulk, thereby reducing the costs associated with these many benefits. 

It’s easy to get swept up in all the digital advertising options available nowadays but taking things back to basics can be a good strategy for your business. Using promotional merchandise to market your business can be a good way of nurturing relationships with current and previous customers whilst simultaneously increasing your brand’s reach to a wider audience. how to network free guide



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