What do you really know about healthy living?

Picture the scene you are sat beavering away in your home office, cracking on with your to do list, munching on another biscuit, donuts, bread based snack, (delete as appropriate) guzzling your 4th coffee of the day. You haven’t moved in hours (only to get bad snacks and drinks) and when you finally do you feel lethargic, bloated and ready for bed not the school run and hours of entertaining and feeding children! Believe me I know! I’m a blimming expert!

The annoying thing is changing 3 (teeny tiny) parts of your home office routine will instantly make you feel soooooo much better!

  • Water : Such a simple thing which we have in abundance and yet how often do you sit and drink water!? Hardly ever I bet! A nice cold glass of water on your desk (add some lemon slices or cucumber) will keep you nice an hydrated.  The more water you drink the less fuzzy your head will start to feel too!
  • Get up : Don’t sit all day long. Get up and move, or plan a walk after school ensure you get 30 minutes of exercise to clear your head and get your heart pumping.
  • Eat good snacks : Snacks high in sugar will only give you that initial high which won’t sustain you through the rest of the morning/afternoon instead opt for slow energy releasing snacks such as nuts, grain and protein bars or bananas.

Discount Supplements has created this quiz of 7 questions to see what you really know about healthy living. Why not give it a try (incredibly apparently I really know my stuff, just a shame I don’t live by it!)! *runs off to get a glass of water*


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