SO, am I am Mumpreneur then?

In 2006 BC (before children), I worked fulltime (and some) for the National Autistic Society. I loved my role, was moving up the ladder, and had plans for doing extra courses (etc) in order to build on my role and specialise in different areas. Then Kieran….!

A few weeks before I was due to return to work I went back for my “back to work” meeting. And resigned. I had no intention of doing that when I walked in but it was the right thing to do and we have never looked back.

Now apparently some wise-arse was once quoted as saying “Money can’t buy happiness”, well I suppose that is true, but not having any isn’t a barrel-full of laughs either so very quickly I had to make some money. I earned pin money for a few months doing Avon whilst I looked around and gave that up shortly after doing Usborne Books and starting to build my own retail business. I did very well with it too, had a very large team, a monthly income and enjoyed it for nearly three years but to be honest, I lost the passion for it. I didn’t love selling, and it wasn’t getting easier to keep the motivation up when the economy started to slide, and it became harder and harder to keep the money coming in. I had to make a decision, fight to keep it going, or move on. I chose to move on. Not an easy decision but one I’m glad I made as what I am doing now, I love.

I am writing, it’s still fairly low key but between that and some market research work I am building an income believe it or not. I am building, albeit slowly, a freelance writing career for myself and am loving it, every minute of it. However the question remains… I a Mumpreneur? I was a Mumpreneur of sorts, I went to the Mumpreneur Conference when I ran an Usborne business but am I one now? After all, I don’t sell anything anymore, I don’t have a business as such, I am just a Mum, working her arse off to realise her dream of writing for a living.

So tell me, am I a Mumpreneur? Is there a definitive set of rules you must follow or attributes you must have to get the Mumpreneur badge? When I was running my Usborne business I sometimes felt like a poor cousin who was invited along to family events because it was the kindest thing to do, mainly because Usborne was a *gulp* party-plan business originally. Now I blog, and that is sometimes looked upon as a “nice hobby”, a “bit of fun” etc as it’s not “proper” work after all, is it? Yes I write but I’m mostly know as a blogger, and it’s blogging that has been the platform to meeting people and going places that are fuelling my freelance writing work, so have I disqualified myself from being one of the clan? I don’t necessarily need a label in truth but it would be nice to know if I qualify for one, and I’d love to hear your candid thoughts…. Am I a Mumpreneur?

Nicki Cawood, Mum, Wife, freelance writer and blogger

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  1. Berni
    March 11, 2011 / 11:18 am

    I enjoyed your post! I ask myself the same question; yes, I have a business running children’s cookery parteis and workshops and I am a mum. However, as my children are grown up, I don’t have the same issues anymore with fitting work around the school run, sleepless nights and breastfeeding so I sometimes feel that I don’t fit into the ‘mumpreneur’ category! I suppose to every mum though, our children are always our babies, even when they’re 6ft 2″ !!

  2. Monica
    March 12, 2011 / 10:56 pm

    Are you a mum? Yes
    Are you working hard for yourself? Yes

    So you are a mumpreneur stepping where many others don’t dare! You go girl! The same goes to me 😉

    Monica x