6 ways to promote your business before half term

It’s 6 weeks until my children break up for half term! What!
Here are 6 ways to promote your business before half term on the basis that you do one a week :-

  1. Write a press release: send it out to all your PR contacts, pop it on your blog – then tweet & share your post link. Share it with journalists and reporters I find a lot are on twitter – use the search facility.  If you don’t have a blog upload the press release to a dropbox file and tweet that link instead. Also look at trying the hashtag #journorequest #prrequest and #bloggers too. Send press releases to networking groups and other relevant small businesses.
  2. Hashtags: Use #DorsetHour (or equivalent) most counties their own hashtag now with a weekly time where you can network and chat – this is a perfect time to tweet out links to posts/content/services you may want to promote make sure you connect with other businesses to so you don’t look spammy.  There are # for just about every genre of business – #HandmadeHour #WeddingHour #Babyhour #SatChat to name a few.
  3. Use it don’t lose it: Make sure you always get the jpegs, screenshots or mp3 files of ALL your PR. This way you can start a media page on your website or album on Facebook. Which you can link back to the newspaper etc. This will not only help with SEO but it’s excellent testimonials for your business making you stand out from the crowd.
  4. Social Media is your FRIEND: It’s much easier to hide behind a tweet or email than face to face. So be cheeky and just ask! What’s the worst that could happen? They say no … then move on to the next contact. Speaking at both Wimborne Literary Festival & Design Your Career came from messaging them outright on Facebook – you have an event I have a book #simple 😉
  5. Run a Competition: Have a purpose in mind – it could be to increase your Facebook following, drive traffic to your website or develop a mailing list. Read “Competitions What’s the point?” for some more ideas.  Or look at the options available on Rafflecopter.
  6. Write a guest post: writing articles for others will open your business up to a whole new audience as they promote the post on various social media platforms and its a great way to increase your backlinks.

promote your small business

Please do let me know how you have got on with these 6 suggestions.  I love comments especially a good debate!

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