The 5 Minute Home Office Workout

Regular blog readers will know that my main goal before September is to make my home office a healthier working environment.  I’m talking new chair, new lights, plants, water and bowl of fruit! A healthy environment is really important for productivity but so is exercise and movement. Sitting on a chair for 6 hours is not going to be doing anyone any good! Since I’ve been using the fitbug to see how active I am during the day I have been walking more and getting up during the day but I know I can take this a lot further.

Here’s a fab little 5 minute office workout infographic is perfect to help you with weight loss and staying active whilst working in your home office.  All the activities take a minute or less ( winning! ) and unlike the models I don’t wear a suit so I can really kick butt with my star jumps!  I like the idea of using equipment around you too.  Do you have any top workout tips whilst your working in your home office? (I’m still toying with the idea of getting a mini trampoline too!!)

5 Minute Exercise at Work   Everyman Health


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