The Party Plan Conference 2012

Seems like ages ago since I agreed to do a talk at The Party Plan Conference but no sooner do you blink than eekkk it’s only 20 days away!! OK OK I can here you all gasping what on earth do you know about Party Plan/Direct Sales?? Well I’ll have you know …. absolutely nothing 😉 I’m doing a talk on Social Media obviously!!

Tickets are still on sale so if your in Party Plan/Direct Sales/MLM (that’s multi level marketing to you and me 😉 ) and wondering if you should go or not then why not check out this awesome promo video featuring yours truly!

You still have a chance if your super quick to nominate in the awards!  So if you Social Media Savvy or great at Visual Mechanising or maybe  you  have the best Team Leader ever, pop along and nominate today!!  Being involved in the awards whether through nomination, short listing or winning is a great accolade for you and your business.

I’ve have vowed this year to make more videos but after seeing myself in this one! I might not!!! 😉


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  1. The Party Plan Guru
    January 8, 2012 / 1:00 pm

    Thanks Joanne, This is going to be a great day and thank you so much for taking part. Being in direct sales/party plan or MLM sometimes can feel very lonely but with us you don’t have to be on your own. It is also a great opportunity to come to the exhibition for FREE and find out tips on starting your own business in Direct Sales or out of it.

  2. Ian Hamilton
    January 8, 2012 / 2:29 pm

    Go on, make another video! 🙂