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You might remember I posted “Show me the MOOLah” on Charlie Moo’s Blog looking at various ways to sell items in order to make some extra money from your clutter.  Well I’m still well under way with this as I’d really like to take my family to Disney Paris. All money made so far since October has gone into a jar that is smash only, I am pretty reluctant to smash and count up until we have sorted out hurdle one. We ALL need passports – yes that’s 5 passports!!  So silly really Daddy Moo and I shouldn’t have let them run out but heyho we did and now we need 5 of them!

I previously talked also about using the “MusicMagpie App” to sell DVD’s – I found the whole process so easy I’ve actually used the app twice now. It takes a few weeks from receiving the items to getting the confirmation price email. I guess they go through each DVD with a fine tooth comb! However the payment actually came out pretty fast and I was as I said happy with the service.

BUT did you know that you can also cash in your old clothes too?  And I don’t mean via cash4clothes (which pays 50p per kilo 🙁 sad times) or even the nearly new or carboot sales. I actually mean via MusicMagpie!  You simply select the brand and garment type, size, gender etc and a price will appear which you can choose to accept or not.

The normal service applies minimum of 10 items maximum of 500 – free courier service when you hit 25 items. Only in this case it can be a mix of games, DVD’s, CD’s and clothes all in one box!  Note here though that the app does not work for clothing just CD’s and DVD’s.

Happy Saving!!


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