Do You Have the Tools to Market Your Business Effectively?

Let’s be honest. Would it be practical for you to hire a marketing firm to take care of this? At some point, maybe you’ll need one, and if you can afford it – job well done. But many entrepreneurs starting out don’t know that there are a range of tools out there that can help them get to that level. Here are a few features you should look for when choosing online marketing tools.

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1. Tracking : 

You want to see how your work is paying off every step of the way. Are you trending? When you’re at peak attention, you’ll want to up the ante by making your audience an offer they can’t refuse. So make sure your marketing tool can offer something in the way of reports and analytics. Once you see what kind of content is working best, you can produce more of that.

2. Scheduling :

The biggest trap we fall into with social media is spending increasingly large amounts of time using it. It can hold our attention at the expense of a life well lived. To fix this, some marketing tools make it easy to schedule posts. This means you can schedule your time readying your posts accordingly. Say you spend an hour or two in the morning setting up a few successive posts in the pipeline. Your social media scheduling tools can release these posts when you want, so you can dedicate the rest of your day to other tasks.

3. Customer Service : 

In this day and age, it’s really inefficient to reply to each individual customer inquiry across all platforms. These days, there are tools which function as CRMs to help you get this done faster, and with more customer insight. Customers are increasingly reaching out on social media, likely because of the expectation of a faster response. Make sure you have a tool that functions as a funnel, so you can see customer engagement in one place. And if someone posts a complaint in public? You want your tools to be helpful in responding publicly ASAP.


4. Research : 

It’s one thing to have analytics enlighten you about what you’re doing that works, but wouldn’t it be even better if it could share what the competition does that gets attention? Moreover, you want a marketing tool that can share some data about who exactly, demographically speaking, likes your content.

From there, you can go more in-depth about what they key demographic wants. This can help you expand your business in ways that most people pay a lot of money to make happen.

5. Planning : 

Perhaps a key area holding you back is the very way in which you are organized – or not organized. Look for tools that share up-to-date content with you based on topics and keywords you’re interested in using, as well as task boards and the aforementioned scheduling tools. Many people making sales online are concerned about managing their reputation. That is an area of great importance, but your reputation isn’t all about comments and reviews – it begins with efficient planning and knowing your audience better than anyone else. With social media marketing tools, it’s the new normal to handle it yourself.

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