5 Simple Solutions to Doubling Your Office Space

There are common issues surrounding all small businesses and space is one of them. Space is something we all take for granted, even when working from home, but a small business needs lots of it! Storage space for equipment, products and files. Space to actually work. Space to relax and have coffee breaks. Before you know it the office space you have begins to look smaller and smaller.

Doubling your office space

Here are 5 top tips to doubling your office floor space.

  1. De-Clutter : Making sure everything has a place to live, there is enough adequate shelving, filing systems and trays/pots to organise your desk. These simple techniques will help make spaces feel much larger. Clutter reduces space and feels tight, clutter can also play an effect on productivity. Keep spaces clear, minimalist and light.
  2. Go paperless : Every year UK businesses spend an enormous amount of money printing and storing paper. Consider what documents actually need to be printed and filed, with digital documents it’s becoming easier to store and share. Consider looking at programmes such as Dropbox and Cloud based applications.  Digital documents are also much easier to locate meaning an increase in productivity and better customer service.
  3. Mezzanine Floors : Mezzanine floors provided by Warehouse Storage Solutions LTD are an effective way to increase, sometimes double, available office floor space.  A mezzanine floor is an intermediate storey, between the ground and first floor of a building. In many cases businesses are able to save on the cost of extending their existing premises or even taking on additional premises with the clever use of mezzanine flooring.
  4. Vertical Storage : Using wall space instead of floor space.  In my home office I have my shelves up so high there is just enough room to put a box file on, utising this empty space and keeping my floor areas clear.  Hooks, magazine racks, shelves all on the wall will work much better than traditional large, heavy, grey filling systems.
  5. Think interior design : Ensure there is lots of light in your office space, remove table and floor lamps instead replace with wall fixtures and consider using daylight light bulbs. Let in as much natural light as possible so avoid covering or obstructing windows.  If possible, put a mirror in front of a window to reflect light and colour, tricking the mind into making your office feel lighter and bigger.  Also look at flooring, busy patterns and narrow floor boards will make the space feel smaller.

How do you effectively increase your office space? What ways do you use to make it feel less cluttered?


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  1. December 5, 2015 / 3:40 am

    If only my office was big enough for a mezzanine floor! I could get a bunk bed and see if it fools anyone 😉 Vertical storage though, absolutely! You don’t realise how much room volume isn’t being utilised. Shelves, cabinets, anything that increases what you can store in the same footprint.
    Luke B recently posted..Hi! Welcome to our new siteMy Profile

  2. June 8, 2016 / 9:09 am

    Great tips and suggestions to doubling the office space. Most business owners are worried about the limited space in their offices and searching for the ideas to make it more specious. So this post will be very helpful for them.