5 Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy in the Office

Do you plan post-work gym sessions but fail to attend? Or struggle to stay active at your desk job? No matter how good your intentions, it’s all too easy for all of your healthy intentions to fly out of the window when you get to work, especially when those lunchtime cravings hit. Whether you work from home, or a high-rise city office block, staying fit and healthy at work can be tough.

stay fit and healthy in the office

To keep you motivated, follow these 5 helpful tips:

Prepare Your Lunch :

When it comes to being healthy, eating a balanced diet is essential. Unfortunately, food choices available at work aren’t always the best. To avoid the pitfall of stodgy cafe offerings or vending machine snacks, prepare your own meals. Explore a range of healthy lunch recipes and ideas to kick start your new routine.

Change Your Commute :

Whether you’re piling onto a packed bus or stuck in a tailback in your car, commuting tends to be stressful. So instead of gritting your teeth and getting on with it, why not use this time to exercise?
Layer up with a Nike SB hoodie and cycle your way to the office, buy a pair of roller blades and zoom past the traffic, or invest a pair of running shoes and start jogging.

Use the Office :

One of the simplest ways to be more fit and healthy in the office is to make small changes to your every day working habits and routine. This could be something as simple as sending work to the printer at the furthest end of the corridor, or, if you’re able to, taking the stairs instead of the lift.

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Deskercise! :

We all know that sitting down for long periods of time is bad for our health, but a form of exercise known as ‘deskercise’ can help. To get started, have a look at some of the deskercise exercises and routines you can do while at work, including seated leg lifts or switching your desk chair for an exercise ball. Remember how Joanne Mallon had a trampette in her home office for bouncing on!

Rely on Tech :

Technology is all around us and there are now so many ways it can help to keep you healthy. Buy an activity watch or download a fitness app, both of which can remind you to move when you have been idle for too long, and also keep track of your steps and activities. To boost your motivation, encourage your colleagues to do the same and start an office competition!  I really wish I had kept up with my Fitbug it’s a great motivator.

Hopefully these suggestions can help you keep fit and healthy at work. How do you look after yourself in the office?

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