Having my cake …

Family friendly flexible working?
Myth or reality?

Is it an awe bearing term conjured up my government to make them feel better about forcing women back into full time jobs after they have reached their allocated 9month – 1 year ‘maternity leave’. I don’t know many mother’s that have been given the ‘flexible hours‘ they have asked for. Oh yes its the law to allow woman to ‘ask‘ but not that they should be adhered too.

Family flexible working though doesn’t begin and end with that conversation … can I work these hours …. no ….. thank you.   There is a wealth of opportunities out there you just have to know where to find them.  I recently held another Recruitment Fair (my 2nd now) and I must admit it’s a lot of fun.  OK so I’m bias, but there’s such an awesome atmosphere which comes from people on the same wavelength.   Exhibitors all wanting to share their businesses with people wanting to ‘live the dream‘ only for most of us this isn’t a dream.   Hard work and dedication and you can have your cake and eat it … with 3 babies (Charlie 4, Megan 3 and Olive 4months) I do everyday 😉   There is also something personally satisfying when I sit on the sofa, eat at the dinning table or wash my clothes – everyday household items that I paid for through my business … not my job my business.

Here are some lovely pictures from the Recruitment Fair to inspire you ….


Recruitment Fair Oct. 2011

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