How to advertise your startup business

In the early stages of a business, advertising plays a crucial part in attracting new customers and compelling people to buy your products or services. Not only can effective marketing help to create awareness around your brand and promote your objectives, it can also help your business to stand out from competitors.

The process of advertising can be seamlessly incorporated into your overall marketing strategy and help to build credibility around your business. To launch a successful advertising campaign for your startup company, try following these few simple advertising tips :

Establish your brand : 

First and foremost, it’s important to establish your brand and make the focus of your business clear to potential customers. Your brand’s message should be kept simple and highlight the benefits of using your products or service.

To make your business stand out from the crowd, it needs to be memorable. Creating an eye-catching, unique logo with your own distinct typography and images will help to promote your business’s brand and draw in your demographic. Your logo can be incorporated into your website, business card and brochures and outreached via online or print marketing techniques.

Know your audience : 

Before you decide how to advertise, it’s important to think about who you want to reach. Your ads should pay close attention to the types of people who are likely to be interested in your products or services. Age, gender, lifestyle, profession and location all need to be taken into consideration when deciding upon your demographic.

Having a clear grasp on who your targeted customers are will in turn help you to plan your broader advertising techniques. For example, if you want to aim your business towards a young audience, online advertising is likely to be more successful than posters on community boards.

Startup Business

Chose a form : 

Advertising can take numerous forms, and it’s ultimately down to you to choose which medium will deliver maximum results for your business. The most common forms of advertising are as follows:

  • Print advertising : Including magazines, brochures, flyers, directories, posters and direct mail.
  • Online advertising :  Including search engine optimisation and banner advertising.
  • Placing adverts on the TV, radio stations or in newspapers are also popular marketing methods, particularly for local businesses.

It is, however, important to remember that advertising is unlikely to produce immediate results and it may take a customer more than one occasion of seeing your advertisement to be convinced that they want to contact your business. To obtain maximum results, having several different advertising mediums working simultaneously in different locations will ensure that your brand and ads are regularly seen by prospective customers.

Other considerations :

Advertising special offers or promotional deals on opening days is another great way to draw the crowds in and get people talking about your business. Pavement display boards can be placed outside your business, highlighting any special offers that may attract the attention of passers-by and help to get the ball rolling if initial sales need a boost.


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    This article covers some great tips and pointers. A recommended read for any new business looking for some guidance!

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  2. June 17, 2016 / 6:57 am

    To advertise your startup business it is important for every founding team to be thinking about how to market in efficient, low-cost ways, as it is incredibly challenging to build a long-term sustainable business on paid marketing industry.
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