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Happy Anniversary to Me!” – worth a glass of bubbly and a song I think!   Two years of building up and running ‘Musical Steps’ has flown by and I wonder what the next two years will bring?

When I held a free introductory session at The Littledown Centre in January 2009 I was totally unprepared for the sheer number of families who turned up to see what ‘Musical Steps’ was all about – unknown to me, my press release had been printed in the Bournemouth Echo and I had to shut the doors when we could no longer fit any more children in – the biggest audience I’ve ever had but it was a good start to my music classes for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers and I’ve never looked back!

My typical day and week are as busy as hectic as many other working parents – luckily my eldest daughter walks herself to secondary school – after she’s gone I unashamedly plonk my 3-year old in front of CBeebies to digest ‘Numberjacks’ and ‘Alphablocks’ while I get ready for my day – 5 minutes in front of the mirror to slap on some make-up – I think it’s important to be presented well, even if it does seem to be a losing battle some mornings!

After dropping Madalaine at pre-school I get my ‘work-head’ on and start warming up my vocal chords – yes, I’m that strange woman you’ve seen at the traffic lights making weird faces and shapes with her mouth!

My week has me whizzing around the area holding private classes, pre-school and nursery sessions – I’ve also been working a lot recently with Children’s Centres, tailoring classes for groups such as children with additional language needs, challenged families and of course, Christmas parties!

I can’t imagine doing anything else now in my professional life – I’ve been lucky enough to be able to build a lifestyle that gives me the flexibility I need with two children and a working-away-husband. I’ve experienced the other side of the coin, working full-time for a corporate employer through my eldest’s pre-school years and eventually had to admit that I wasn’t ‘superwoman’ and couldn’t ‘have-it-all’. I think I’ve now hit the happy medium of earning a living doing something I love and I can say that every day I have lots of fun and spend the day singing my heart out!

Come for a free trial class at my wonderful world of music, learning and fun! – – 0845 643 5025

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