From “Nanny Numbers” to “Zest Payroll Solutions” A Tale of Successful Re-Branding!

My business started out as “Nanny Numbers” back in April, 2008. I specialised in providing payroll services for parents employing nannies and childcare related businesses such as nurseries and pre-schools.

Over the next few years I seemed to pick up more and more un-childcare related clients. The business name really didn’t seem to fit anymore and I wanted to appeal to the wider market. I needed a more professional sounding name. (I was also getting fed up of people calling looking for a nanny as they thought I was a nanny agency!).

And so, after weeks of trying to come up with a new name (and finding inspiration in a glass of coke with slices of lemon and lime!) Zest Payroll Solutions was born! It was a huge decision to go with a re-brand and a lot of work (new website, marketing – starting again from scratch really). I am very lucky as I have a lovely friend who is a very talented graphic/website designer and he took on all the design and website build for me (his website is here: – take a look!).

I found fantastic support on the ‘net through websites such as (part of and the great!  

So far re-branding my business is proving to be absolutely the right choice. Since Zest Payroll went live in April 2011, my client base has tripled and it’s mainly from the great new website and marketing via social media! I’ve had fantastic feedback on the branding too – people seem to really like it. I do still use “Nanny Numbers” as the dedicated nanny payroll service so it’s not been lost forever!

If I were to give advice to any business thinking of re-branding, it would be:

Think it through.

Get all of your ideas and thoughts down on paper.

Seek advice from other businesses who have re-branded, family and friends.

Think it through again!! If you still think it is the right direction to take your business forward, go for it!

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