How to give yourself a pay rise

I’d like you to sit still for a moment and take a few breaths. For now, let any thoughts about what you’re going to cook this evening or that email you forgot to send just drift away.
Now, I’m going to ask you a question and I want you to notice what your instant gut reaction is. Don’t think about it, just observe how you react.
Are you ready? Here we go.
How do you feel about money?
(That wasn’t so bad, was it? :-))
How did you react? Did you tense up or get a knot in the bottom of your stomach? Did you feel relaxed because you’re in control of your finances? Did you thoughts turn to your credit card?
We all have emotions about money and often they are carried with us right back from when we were children. Maybe you were taught that there’s never enough money to go around? Or that it’s there to be enjoyed? Or maybe even that there’s no point in saving it because you could be hit by a bus tomorrow?
The way you feel about money will have a big impact on how much money you earn. And how much you spend or save, too. If you’re working really hard but still watching your pennies, then it could really pay you to look at your beliefs about money.

  1. If you’ve been taught that only greedy and selfish people have plenty of money, then that could discourage you from earning what you are entitled to.
  2. Deep down, do you feel that you can’t earn good money without neglecting your family in some way? Exploding this myth could be all that stands between you and a decent pay-cheque.
  3. Have you been taught that it’s vulgar to talk about wanting money? Then how will you ever set a fair price in your business? After all, putting a price on your products or services is asking for money.

If you really want to earn what you deserve, you’ll need to shine a light on the beliefs you have about money. The chances are you won’t be able to just drop them, after all they have been with you a very long time. But by understanding how they are influencing the way you run your life and your business, you can stop them from controlling you.

After all, you’re the boss. Why shouldn’t you reward yourself for all that hard work?

Helen Lindop is the author of the Earn What You Deserve as a Mumpreneur e-course which launched on 11th May.

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