How to maximise your 24 hours a day

24 hours in a day – it’s the same for everyone. It’s not how many hours you have, it’s what you do with them that counts. Make a plan!

First, stick to using only one diary (be it electronic, paper, your phone, whatever works for you). Next make sure you have a whole year’s worth of events, birthdays, holidays, car insurance renewals etc. written in. Phew what a relief!

On Sundays, take a look at the coming week and plan out where you need to be, how much cash you need, what meals need to be prepared, things to buy, places you need to go. Block them in now for the week. Each evening spend a few minutes reviewing and planning tomorrow. That way you start each day knowing exactly what is coming.

Running out of hours? Take a look at your time killers and think about liberating yourself from them by:

  • Hiring a cleaner and get your housework done whilst you are at work
  • Doing you food shopping on line and have it delivered in the evening whilst children are in bed
  • Getting a personal trainer to set you exercises you can do at home without having to go out to the gym
  • Use an ironing service and get your clothes delivered back on hangers ready to wear again.

Just doing things NOW rather than putting them off will save you hours…

    • Book your hair and beauty appointments directly after your next appointment to ensure you get the exact date and time that suits you
    • Put some change into the ashtray of your car so you never get stuck for cash for car parks or trolleys
    • Have stamps in your purse at all times to save queuing at the Post Office to post one letter
    • Have a stock of general greetings cards at home along with wrapping paper so you can always get a birthday gift together in a hurry

  • Always have cash in your purse – save yourself last minute dashes to the cashpoint on the way to an urgent meeting
  • Always have petrol in your car (or diesel but that’s another story!) – be prepared!


Remember, spend 10 minutes each night planning for tomorrow and the next day will flow beautifully – or at least a little easier!

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