My CyberMummy Experience by Erica Martyn Part 4

This is my final chapter in my Cybermummy11 Experienec

After lunch we all attended an SEO workshop, this was like being a sardine in a tin! They hadn’t expected so many of us would like to attend this and we were cramped into a tiny room and had to sit on the floor! Looking at a screen sideways and from s floor point of view was not great! I didn’t write down the lady that took this workshop as before I had the chance to start writing the notes on the screen had vanished! Also I think my brain was starting to suffer with overload as there was just too much info… anyhow a couple of really good points were mentioned… (this is where notes would have been really useful!) Instead we all scrabbled to write notes the best we could.

  • Most Important part of any blog – ABOUT YOU section
  • Search Bar – At the top of your page
  • Make your opening paragraph striking and use bullet points to help readers focus on important points!
  • Short paragraphs
  • Don’t use click HERE use the actual link – OPS I have been doing this on my website so better change these!!!
  • Subscribe with email – use feedburner
  • Use Google Analytics – wordpress plugin!
  • Ensure you have spam filters

Danielle Fudge the SEO analyst from Dysney took the stand next on how to optimise your blog. She started with talking about Google Key words and how to use these to your advantage! If you serach for ‘google key words’ then this will help you with key word idea’s and match types for your blog! Here are her best points:

  • Keyword density of a post needs to be 3-4 times within a post for google to recognise it!
  • Title Tag – needs to be key word
  • Meta Description – Key word to be used at least once if not twice!
  • Use keywords as many times as possible in the first part of your blog post!
  • Use the image ‘Alt Tag’ with key words
  • REALLY IMPORTANT – get other websites/blogs to link to yours as this will give you a higher ranking in google!


We could bare to sit through another workshop so decided to go downstairs and look around the stands, enter some competitions and just chill out… we weren’t the only ones as many other’s had the same idea as us! Now I know they cram as much info as possible into these kind of conferances however sometimes ‘LESS IS MORE’ and in this case I truly believe it to be true!

After a lovely break and a coffee break too, the final session of the day was the most memorable with the ‘Crowdsorced Keynote Programme’ where a selection of bloggers got to read their own blog posts out! For me a blog post by Nickie O’Hara was heartbreaking and such an honest post that it brought most of the room to tears! Her blog is called ‘Type Cast’ ( and her post ‘There are only so many perfect heads in the world’ and I would recommend you pop alone to her blog and take a read!

As the day came to a close we had a well needed glass of wine, were loaded up with more goodies than we knew what to do with, had swapped business cards with a variety of other mums and were ready for some dinner and bed!!!

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  1. July 18, 2011 / 1:54 pm

    It’s good to hear that parts of the SEO session were helpful! I was sorry I wasn’t in there to hear it.

  2. January 25, 2018 / 7:34 pm

    Oh dear – I’m just getting to grips with Yoast and it’s clear I’m doing quite a few things wrong. This is really useful – thank you!