My CyberMummy Experience by Erica Martyn Part 3

The next workshop ‘Working with brands & making money’ – HP started off the workshop and it became very apparent that unless you had a vast amount of readers and a top rating then brands would not be interested in working with you… although they claim to want to work with bloggers, unless you can help them this is not a viable option!

Erica Douglas was the next to take the stand, and she makes money from her blogs by selling banner ads, text links, sponsored posts alongside eBooks & eCourses – most of this I knew as it was also covered in Joanne’s workshop, however the biggest thing for me is that she makes £2000/£3000 a month with only 15-20 business hours! Are there any other mums out there that blog that make this kind of money? I didn’t even make that kind of money working full time as an Illustrator & creative designer alongside working part time as a Pilates Teacher!

The most interesting part of this workshop was listening to Natalie Lue, she has utilised her own bad experiences in life with men and downfalls in life to her advantage and by blogging about them she now has 3 successful blogs/business ventures which she makes her living with: Bambino Goodies, Baggage Reclaim and Naughty Girl Media! This is more kind of thing as I considered myself to be using all the downfalls I have had in life to making a success of myself and making a future for my son and I!

Natalie’s key points were:

  • You need a unique selling voice
  • Loyal Audience
  • People buy from people
  • Don’t follow the heard and do what is right for you!

Goodness is all I thought at the end of this session!

Time for lunch!

As my friends and I sat around chatting they also thought the lack of notes or hand-outs provided was the biggest downfall! We were overwhelmed with freebies and other goodies which is great however it would have been more useful to have been provided with take away content of the workshops that we had attended!

Can you believe this is the 3rd part and I’m only at lunch .. bet you wish you had come along now!!


Check back tommorow for the fourth part of my cybermummy experience.

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