4 Ways To Save Money This Christmas

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Christmas can be such an expensive time of the year especially when the children get older, a toothbrush and wooden puzzle in their stocking is no longer met with the same squeals of delight.  Plus the season seems to start earlier and earlier, you might be considering how to reduce your spending or Christmas loan (Representative 466.37% APR) but for me, I just really want to enjoy this time as a family. Christmas is one of those rare times when everything shuts down for 2 weeks, there are no expectations and sofa snuggles are mandatory. It’s easy to get caught up in the spending and forget about the sentiment.

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4 ways to save money this Christmas: 

Reduce, reuse and recycle: Christmas is the perfect time to get all eco-friendly and save a few pennies. I save up gift bags and Christmas cards from the previous years, I pack them in with the Christmas Tree. I also used some old decorations, fake flowers and tinsel to make a door wreath a few years ago I pull this out every year.  Buy second-hand toys, scour charity shops and craft markets for unusual gifts. Consider also longevity, invest in Christmas themed items that will last

Bring the outside in: There are so many beautiful Winter plants outside from mistletoe to holly, fir cones and even twigs. Keep them au natural or give them a spray with gold or silver spray paint.  Going out for a walk can be a lovely family activity or grab some of your friends and take a break from the office.

Get the children involved: Whilst I appreciate this is not everyone’s cup of tea. We, however, aren’t fussy about our Christmas tree we let the children decorate it over a day with festive films and hot chocolate, it basically looks like Christmas threw up on it! But it makes them happy and that makes me happy. Daddy Moo and Olive threaded pasta tubes onto pipe cleaners this year and previously we have made popcorn garlands, salt dough decorations and toilet roll angels.  It won’t be long before I have 3 moody teens who will be less interested in Christmas tree decorating and crafts.

Buy what they need : It can be easy to get caught up with spending lots of money on the latest toys and gadgets.  I rarely buy for the sake of buying, much to my children’s disgust. I ask family for money or vouchers towards days out or piano lessons this keeps the children and my pocket happy.  PJ’s, socks and pants as stocking fillers, duvet covers and tap shoes as gifts, things they need.

What ways do you have to save money this Christmas?


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