Using Seasonal Events to Increase Your Sales

Seasonal events happen every year which makes them perfect for small businesses, you aren’t hunting down ways to increase your sales they are there already for you. Seasonal products and gifts coinciding with specific dates in our yearly calendar can make the difference between a booming business and a business just getting by.


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Using Seasonal Events to Increase Your Sales :

  1. Mass Email System : It’s surprising how many small businesses still don’t utilise their mass mailing list. They are simple to set up and individuals can opt-out if they wish at any time. They are usually free to set up and most platforms provide insights into who has opened and interacted with your newsletter. Having a mailing list not only drives traffic to your products but can help increase sales. A Gmail app for mass emails allows you to send mail merge campaigns with automatic follow-up emails, keeping your customers up to date with any offers that you are promoting during seasonal events.  Utilising your mailing list enables you to theme newsletters for each holiday/seasonal event.  Think about sending offers and coupons to your mailing list with a sense of urgency, short deadlines or limited production run.
  2. Make a Content Planner : Research and create a comprehensive list of events, dates and gift-giving opportunities, including more niche events like the end of school year teacher gifts.  Having a content planner will enable you to plan early, decide your promotions, make relevant graphics and create themed imagery. Avoid leaving things until the last minute. Think Christmas planning in July, Valentine’s Day in December the more organised you are the more sales you will make and the better equipped to cope with busy periods you will be.
  3. Update Your Social Media : Retheming your social media is so easy and a very effective way to do a mini seasonal rebrand.  Think Santa hat, winter display, a couple of snowflakes and voila your avatar screams Christmas! If you don’t want to have new headshots taken consider using Canva to add the necessary Christmas garments. I may or may not (I so totally do!) have a photo of Charlie, Megan and Olive all under 8 dressed as bunnies that I like to whip out every Easter! Christmas themed social media
  4. Start Taking Themed Product Images : Customers want to be able to visualise your products fitting in with both their lifestyle and the current season. Do you sell paper chain kits? Have a length of paper chain made up within the images so the customer can visualise paper chains in their home or maybe creating paper chains with their children. Lifestyle product shots with a seasonal theme will enhance customers feelings and buying habits.

What ways do you use seasonal events so that you can increase your sales?

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