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My days start in two ways: the good way is where I wake up before K and get showered and dressed. More often I’m woken as he yells for me and Dh is off out the door!

I get all the kids up and dressed and then some days I take them to school, while other days a neighbour takes them. That’s when I try to squeeze in a quick walk up the promenade with K.

The girl who looks after K usually arrives at around 9, at which point I disappear into the office if it is a ‘work from home’ day, or leap into the car or onto a train if I am off to give a talk or attend a meeting.

When I’m working from home I spend the first hour handling emails and enquiries that have come in overnight. Then I’ll move on to telephone calls. I often have a mentoring call booked in: I love these as I really enjoy working with women to improve their business success. I’ll grab a quick lunch, sometimes going out to my local deli. In the afternoon I like to focus on writing. Some days I’ll concentrate on copy for email newsletters, others I might be writing blog content, features or a book. I’ll finish up with another attach on the emails before going to the car with K to collect J.

antonia chitty

J finishes school 45 minutes before D which means that sometimes the hour between 3.15 and is spent driving, while other days she shares a lift home too. Then it is onto tea, bath, stories and bed. Dh works from home some days and can help with this, but other days he’s not back until 8 or 9pm and I’m on my own for the toughest part of the day. I usually look on the computer and do a few more emails at some point during this period too!

I try to avoid working in the evening now, mainly because it gets my brain buzzing and keeps m awake when I want to wind down. So the evening is usually spent watching a DVD or browsing the internet … but not with work in mind!

Antonia Chitty

Inspirational Business Mum of the Year 2009

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The Mumpreneur Guide: Start Your Own Successful Business

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